SuperMums is committed in  restoring the dignity, social and economic welfare of all women and children through her programs.

The aims and objectives of the association are:

1-To engage in sporting activities and exercise that will promote good health.

2-To promote, care and support women and children living with HIV/AIDS in rural areas.

3-War against poverty
and gender inequality by supporting Girl child education.

4-To undertake relief exercise when, wherever and to whom the need arises.

5-To advice Government on policies and issues concerning the welfare of every child.

6-To provide the right values within a civilized society.

7-To offer general civil education to children in order to make him/her a better and patriotic citizen.

8-To work with  adolescents and to educate and sensitize them on all issues concerning HIV/AIDS through drama and music.

9-To work with other local, National and International bodies and organizations with similar objectives.

10-To build a network of Non-Governmental organizations working in the area of poverty alleviation.

11-To do projects  deemed necessary and relevant which in the opinion of the members  will be beneficial to the welfare of the children and the less privileged women or destitute in Africa.

12-To establish and administer a research and data outfit, and to engage in publication and humanitarian purposes. 

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