Sunday, February 12, 2017

Supermums Valentines Day Tour Have Kick Started..

SuperMums Foundation "The Voice Of Motherhood" have kick started it's Valentines Day Tour in Orphanages in all part of Nigeria..We started first leg of our Tour with Tabitha Orphanage in Abuja and can't wait to visit other states and share love with all these amazing Kids..

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Please Help Raise Funds For Mum Of 3

Please Help us raise money for Empress and her 6 children..
Empress is Nigerian from Anambra State but currently lives in Tema Ghana in an abandoned  uncompleted building with her 6 little boys. Her husband dissapeared without a trace  because  he was unable to fend for them..
Life has been so unfair to these innocent boys .. They have been out of school for almost 1 yr, 3 square meal in a day is a major problem for them. They don't have common toys children of their mates play daily with, their clothings are close to rags..
Few days ago a heavy storm blew the roof of their shelter away, thus putting them in a vunerable situation..


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