Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mission Accomplished!!!

SuperMums "The Voice Of Motherhood" Foundation has finally achieved it's goal.. We did it, and we will do much better again..
Now they can go home and enjoy motherhood in their comfort zone..They were unable to pay their hospital bills in Lantoro hospital Abeokuta Nigeria, and hospital officials refused to discharge them for almost 2 months; before SuperMums swung into action and set them free..

We are so proud of everyone that helped us..We also thank the International bodies for their massive support and individuals that went extra miles to assist us..
Now we are done with this, SuperMums and her International partner  based in UK will embark on a journey to sensitize and educate women living in rural areas about family planning and some basic things they need to know..
We look forward for that..
We thank God for everything..

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